Electrolysis - Electrical Epilation

The most effective type of permanent hair removal is electrical epilation (electrolysis). This method of permanently removing hair was first carried out over 100 years ago and over the decades this treatment has been further developed and is being practised in Germany with great success.

There are three different types of electrolysis:

1. The Electrolysis (the Galvanic method)

A fine needle (the probe) is inserted into the hair follicle. A direct electrical current is then passed down the follicle into the papilla (the hair root). This produces an alkaline solution in the follicle, which stops the hair growth.

2. Short Wave Diathermy (or Radio Frequency)

With this type of electrolysis, an alternating current with a high frequency is passed through the follicle instead of a direct electrical current. This produces heat that damages the root of the hair.

3. The Blend method

This type of electrolysis is the most effective as it combines Short Wave Diathermy and the Galvanic Method. The follicle is simultaneously attacked by the heat of the current and the alkaline solution through the overlapping of the high frequency alternating current and the negative direct current. The effectiveness of this treatment is boosted through the use of this combination. It has also proved to be the method that is kindest to the skin and leaves no scars behind.

It is extremely important that the treatment is carried out by someone who is appropriately qualified and that the equipment is used at the right setting for the patient.

Chest Epilation, Electrolysis

Electrolysis, Electrical Epilation

Every area of the body can be treated by electrolysis.

Electrolysis, Electrical Epilation

Electrolysis, Electrical Epilation

1) The needle is inserted into the canal of the hair root.
2) Electricity is conducted into the follicle.
3) The hair slips out of the hair canal.